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U P C O M I N G   C L A S S


7 Points of Mind Training and Heart Sutra led by Neytrul Rinpoche

Do you find yourself struggling with negative emotions, unable to overcome worry, and constantly feeling stressed due to life's challenges? 


Discover how to train your mind with Geshe Chekawa's timeless guide, "The 7-Points Mind Training," accompanied by commentary on the Heart Sutra.

Medicine Buddha  
Monthly Recitation

Every first Sunday of 
the month

8AM Bhutan Standard Time

9AM BKK/ Indonesia WIB Time

10AM Singapore Time

Everyone is Welcome to Join :)

  1. Dharma Teachings by the 9th Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche and other invited masters.

  2. Dharma Sharing sessions with Prajna group where Buddhism concepts are discussed and contemplated and are highlighted with examples from our daily lives.

  3. Community Services where assistance and help is offered to those in need.

Program Highlights

Meeting ID: 840 8527 9955

Passcode: HEALER


The motivation for all my activities is based on Buddha’s teaching that Sangha should create a field where good karma is cultivated.” -  Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche

Acting on his principle to generate opportunities for people to accumulate merit and to purify negative karma, Prajna Field Society was established to facilitate and accomplish the following objectives, transforming his vision into reality.


Since graduating as Professor of Buddhism, H.H the 9th Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche has been invited to give teachings, classes, and empowerment in different countries, and is a popular teacher because of his warm personality, sense of humor, compassion, and profoundness. Besides preserving and spreading the Buddha Dharma, Rinpoche has tirelessly worked hands on with many Dharma projects. 


Under the guidence of H.H the 9th Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche, we organize series program of discussion classes, prayer sessions, life liberation and community service events.  Be a part of our activities by subscribing to our email and we will keep you posted, including our Annual Medicine Buddha Retreat and Know It Better Event. 


Acting on his wisdom and compassion, Rinpoche will choose the appropriate texts to teach those who are interested in learning Dharma. Besides conferring authentic transmissions from the texts, Rinpoche will use his own experiences and stories to punctuate the classes with wit and humor making it an indelible experience. 


Ad-hoc volunteering opportunities are available to enable our vision in creating field where people can accumulate good merits. Join us now!


Be it participating in our activities, do offering, or just simply share our program details to your loved ones is part of the practicing generosity.

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