H.E. the 9th Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche

Since graduating as Professor of Buddhism, Rinpoche has been invited to give teachings, classes, and empowerments in different countries, and is a popular teacher because of his warm personality, sense of humour, compassion, and profoundness.

Besides preserving and spreading the Buddha Dharma, Rinpoche has tirelessly worked hands on with many Dharma projects. In the past years, Rinpoche established Neyphug Thegchen Tsemo School for underprivileged children in Bhutan, at times, he has had to drive 18 hours and walk 20 hours to bring orphaned children back to the monastery; he has worked side by side with construction workers to build toilets, bathroom and kitchen facilities for the children; and he has worked hand in hand with Heyphug villagers to pave a road to the monastery.

More details of Rinpoche’s life and work can be found on his official website www.neyphug.org


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