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Are you someone who is curious about the Buddha’s authentic teachings?

Do you have any confusion or doubts about the Dharma that need clarification? 


Would you like to clarify the difference between: 

- a Dharma practitioner, and a Buddhist? 

- Dharma, and religion?  

- reading on your own, and learning with other sincere students and an authentic guide?


Maybe you wish to explore more of the Buddha’s teaching? 


Maybe you are curious about how one can achieve one’s highest potential as a human being? 

If you are curious on the above subjects (or any others related to the Dharma), then you should subscribe to Dharma Sound and join our group chat for updated information on the upcoming classes. 

Since every human mind possesses the potential of Buddha-nature, we believe the Dharma should be made accessible to all. Unfortunately, there is much confusion about what the Dharma advises and how its teachings work - especially with the information you can freely get from the internet.


Dharma Sound brings the Dharma in accessible form for curious listeners both in Bhutan (in Dzongkha) and around the world (in English). Presentations and discussions will be shared by qualified and experienced dharma teachers. We aim to provide Dharma information that is authentic and in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha. 


All are welcome. No prior knowledge of the dharma is required. Feel free to invite others you know who are sincerely seeking the path to personal development.


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The Sutra of the Wise and the Foolish

National Flower


Flower Bud Petals

Every Thursday (March 2022)
6PM Bhutan Time
7PM BKK/ Indonesia Time
8PM Singapore Time


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