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Annual 100 Million Medicine Buddha Recitation Retreat

His Eminence the 9th Neytrul Rinpoche himself suffered from health complications and thereby developed a deeper concern for beings tormented by sickness.  There may be enough food, clothing and shelter for most - but not enough medicines and cures even for the wealthy and powerful.  Through the retreat, Rinpoche is confident that Guru Bhe-kha Dze-ya's (Medicine Buddha's) aspiration, blessings and vow will ripen to benefit and cure all of us.

The benefits from the practice of Medicine Buddha mantra recitation  counters the 3 causes for sickness:

1. A natural imbalance of the elements in the body which can be healed with the help of medicines.
2. Obstacles from negative energy which can be purified and cured by blessings and spiritual healing.
3. Negative karma from past lives which will be countered with the practice and application of loving kindness.

The retreat is dedicated towards healing mental and physical afflictions globally for the benefit of those undergoing tremendous pain and suffering, for peace and prosperity for each country, and for aspirations for world peace. 

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