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Life Liberation Practice

October 23, 2022

Rejoice! Rejoice!!


Gratitute to all of you who participated in today’s life liberation led by H.E. the 9th Neytrul Rinpoche.

Together we saved 200kg snails (8000 lives), 235.2kg cockle (9400lives), 75kg lobster (188 lives), 709kg sea bass (1290 lives)

200 kg clams (1400 lives), 320kg groupa medium (188 lives), and 321 kg groupa (160 lives). 

That makes 20,626 lives!! 


As Buddha Sakyamuni advised, “Of all relative good actions, saving beings’ lives is the most beneficial” 


We dedicated the merits for a better rebirth of all the animals 🙏🏽


Prajnafield will make Life Libe as our annual event and will send announcement a month before the event.

If you keen to participate in our activities, please do subscribe to our website.

Beach Clean-Up

June 5, 2022

Yesterday, our Prajna members went to Singapore’s East Coast Park to clean the beach to do our part for community service. We filled a few trash bags with discarded plastic bottles, plastic cups, straws, wrappers, cigarette butts, and used masks. Beach clean-up is essential because it improves the coastal and ocean ecosystem. Besides that, Buddha also taught the benefits of cleaning in the Viniya teaching.


There is a story where King Indra from the heavenly realm offered five brooms to Buddha. King Indra knew that monks were not cleaning the bamboo cove and Buddha wanted to advise monks about the importance of cleanliness.


So Buddha swept the park by himself. Seeing their teacher doing so, Ananda, Shariputra, Kasyapa, and other Arahats rushed to help Buddha. After cleaning, they asked Buddha why He decided to clean the cove. 


Buddha then taught them ‘The five merits of cleaning.’ :

1. It makes you happy 

2. It brings happiness to others 

3. Gods and local Deities will protect you 

4. You will be free from sickness and born beautiful 

5. It will cause rebirth in the heavenly realm

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